Our work

Find our website portfolio for 2022 below
We have written more than 2 milion words, spread over +1000 articles, published on one of our 5 websites.
Our future plans
We aim to create content for every buyer in every category. From DIY and living frugal to smart homes and living with luxury.
Slim Abid

Belgium and the Netherlands have room for more lifestyle, home & interior blogs. Websites that inform people about their options as homeowners and as those who rent. We are working on our newest website homezy.be and hope to reveal it to the public soon. It will cover interior and exterior home improvements, decoration, styling and smart appliances.

Quinten de Jong

Adventure and amusement are two underdeveloped sectors in Belgium. With covid, we noticed the surge in hiking and outdoor search terms. Now that a lot of new people have joined the adventure community there are a lot of questions asked, with no real answer (in Dutch). We aim to launch an adventure & outdoor website in 2023.

Maxime VandenBussche

With everything available online we often forget the benefits of reading a book. Away from the screen caught up in your world of imagination… Although we make websites, we still want people to read books. Especially for youngsters, we aim to create content that draws them back to the paper version. Hopefully, we are able to squeeze boekenworm.be on our 2023 agenda.