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We make great content

At Smart Young Media we are passionate about creating the best content. Only by aiming for the highest ranking can you compete with the top. Our goal is to create useful, honest and well-written content that helps our readers. By applying great technical SEO we aim for the Nr.1 ranking in the Google SERP.

For who?
our readers
Our readers are our clients. We write for them first, not for ourselves, not for other companies.
Increase affiliate traffic to your website and receive clicks from our premium visitors. Benefit from our audience and communities.
Appear on our website and improve brand visibility and awareness. We create honest and objective reviews of your products.
We like growth through SEO
Our websites have grown from small blogs to brands known by many readers in Belgium & the Netherlands
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our Websites
Working with
Smart Young Media
There are several ways of collaborating. Pick from our services, or contact us for a tailored approached
A comparative research of all products for a search term or keyword. Find the best for every situation.
Have products reviewed with an objective tone of voice. Help convince buyers who cannot test the product themselves.
An overview of a brand and its products. Help buyers understand which product matches their needs.
Objective content marketing with the purpose of increasing brand awareness and informing visitors.
Line up commercial content with your marketing agenda. Increase the visibility of your campaigns.
Place visual display ads in a more traditional way of advertising. Benefit from niche traffic and target your audience.
our process
We have a (proven) systematic approach to creating great content that ranks and converts.
Keyword research

Creating content is a backward process. In order to have visitors, you must know what they are looking for. What is their intent, what do they search and what do they expect as an answer? By conducting keyword research we know what topics to write about.

Funnels & ideas

You have a message and tone of voice that your audience can relate to. New content must always be interesting and adapted to your readers. It must be creative but most importantly it must fit your current marketing funnel.

Content creation

Top content is well written, has a good technical basis, and is set up to be understood and shared. Others summarize this as ‘content is king’. A value that must always be true in order to be successful in the long term.

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