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Our websites can be found on all trusted affiliate platforms such as Awin, TradeTracker, Daisycon, TradeDoubler and Partnerize. We have succesfully set up more than 150 partnerships and there is much more room for growth.

SEO or affiliate consulting

As SEO consultants, we want to hear your perspective to understand what we can help with. Invite us for an online meeting, a quick chat to give you some free advice. At Smart Young Media we step down from traditional ads, and focus on organic traffic through SEO and affiliate collaborations. Join us in this new (but actually very old) way of working.

Quinten de Jong
SEO expert

Quinten de Jong handles all processes and content that is published on our websites. He has been writing for multiple websites since 2016. Before that, he was a Business Analyst working mainly on data storytelling in Excel and SAS. Quinten is a true gift for SEO experts, as he handles all the technical stuff. He is great at analyzing and creating time-efficient processes. When the SEO rules get updated, these processes help integrate updates swiftly.

Some key SEO milestones:

  • 2 mil visitors to doorgelicht in 2022
  • 20 mil impressions on google search in 2022
  • Top review website in Belgium based on traffic
  • Nr 1 on google for ‘beste mobiele airco’ in ’20-22
  • Nr 1 on google for ‘beste keukenrobot’ in ’20-22
  • Nr 1 on google for ‘beste droogkast’ in ’19-21

Quinten holds a Master of Business Administration from KU Leuven and a Master of European Integration from VUB.

Slim Abid
SEO expert

Slim Abid handles the publishing process, finishing up on the technical on-page SEO. He started his first website in 2015 and was hooked to affiliate marketing. Before that he worked at a marketing agency overseeing his client’s marketing campaigns and content creation. Slim is a jack-of-all-trades that loves to believe Google is lying to us. He is driven by testing out new SEO theories on our websites to see what makes you rank.

Some key SEO milestones:

  • The continuous growth of Hetkinderhuis.be
  • Successful launch of Velofietser.be
  • Up to € 3 mil of revenue for our partners in 2022 
  • Nr 1 on google for ‘beste elektrische step’ in ’20-22
  • Nr 1 on google for ‘elektrische bakfiets’ in ’22-23
  • Nr 1 on google for ‘beste kinderwagen’ in ’22-23

Slim holds a Master of Business Administration from KU Leuven and Postgraduate in Sportmanagement from VUB.

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  • Writers, fact checkers and editors
  • WordPress webdevelopers, GA wizards and Tag managers
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